The legendary Trio Bel Canto has achieved superstar status in the world of Greek music. Everything they do is done with high polish and glittering technique. Their voices blend perfectly, and their instruments perform wonders. Their style and pure technical finesse inspire audiences to spontaneously join in with their intricate music.

Today's world famous Trio Bel Canto consists of Angelo Metaxas, John Papamakariou and George VIismas. The original group began in Greece and was soon professionally established in nightclubs in Greece, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Israel, Lebanon and Constantinople. They came to the United States at the invitation of the immortal Nikos Gounaris and worked with him throughout the country. They then continued to tour on their own in Canada, Panama, South America and Australia. They have also appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and performed in concert in New York's Carnegie Hall. Over the years, their records have been in great demand because of their unique expressions of popular, traditional and folk songs which are trademarks of this one-of-a-kind vocal trio.

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