Greek Networking Across The Centuries

Since the very first centuries of recorded Greek history, the business world, the arena of the trader and traveller, has been one where the Greek has excelled as few others have. There is no place on earth to which Greeks have not travelled and carried the beacon of Hellas throughout the millenia. By Mary Papoutsy

The Integrated Perspective

For many businesswomen, market strategy is not purely competitive; many seek cooperative linkages, instead of focusing solely on "winning." By Christos Papoutsy

Mediation in the Construction Industry

With the many people invested and involved in a construction project come numerous opportunities for miscommunication and conflict. By Christos Papoutsy

Corporate Counter Trade

Whether you are an IPO or a firmly established company barter may be the key to enhance your bottom line by funding expansion, moving inventory, eliminating idle capacity, or filling empty seats, hotel rooms, airplane seats or anything that is about to expire. By Tony Ziagos

Are Business Practices in Greece Corrupt?

With the increasing globalization and interdependency of businesses around the world, multinational corporations must confront diverse cultural practices and business climates. Increasingly, the challenges stem from cultural clashes and unethical business practices. By Christos and Mary Papoutsy

Institutionalizing Ethics in a Global Economy

"Can it be done?" one might ask. "Can ethical principles be articulated that cross broad cultural and regional boundaries?" To which the simple reply is: "Look at the evidence!" The Caux Principles have now been translated into over a dozen languages, reprinted in numerous business textbooks and articles, and adopted in business school curricula worldwide. By Ken Goodpaster

Mediate Don't Litigate

During the last ten years, mediation has grown into one of the most popular alternatives for resolving civil disputes in the United States. Many lawyers, insurance companies, risk managers and legal departments now use mediation on a day-to-day basis to help resolve claims and litigation as quickly and efficiently as possible. By Christos Papoutsy

Harvesting the Entrepreneurial Olive Tree

Super-premium value combinations are not the product of luck or timing. They are the result of a strategic planning process rooted in an understanding of the motivations and behaviors of buyers, as well as in the process of creating value to meet their expectations. By Christos Papoutsy

The Professional & Business Ethics-- It starts with you!

The foundation of our modern economy is based on the sale of goods and services. What separates a professional from the rest of the sales people?

By Anthony G. Ziagos, Sr.

Ancient Gods and Corporate Ethics

"The human condition is to suffer and die" believed the ancient Greeks in Homer's time. A human's time was finite and a god's was infinite -- and that was the real difference.

By E.L. Rouvelas

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