Journey To Ithaca CD Bridges Musical Styles

The group has bridged the gap musically between traditional and contemporary Greek music. A Stroll Through Our Dreams richly connects musical styles of the past with poetic, and melodic storytelling. By Christos Papoutsy

Aegean Idyll: Apostolis Tsoris

The art of Apostolos Tsoris conveys the feeling of an idyll among he Aegean islands. The world he depicts in his vibrant, colorful paintings is one of blue church domes, sailboats, roosters, bouzoukis, wooden chairs, and wine.

Hellenic and Near Eastern Musical Ensemble Announces Release of its First Recording
Double CD includes traditional, folk favorites.
A Malamellis Celebration

Viewers sense the timelessness of his village and coastal scenes. With a simple style, lightly influenced by local artistic tradition and Byzantine iconography, Malamellis has captured the essence of island living on his canvases.
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