A Celebration of Greek Music inAmerica

One of the key components of Hellenic culture is its music. It transcends all barriers of age, politics, religion, national and ethnic origin and socioeconomic status, fostering unity and enjoyment among all. Here in the United States it performs another, perhaps even more important function, as a key transmitter of Greek tradition and culture. For it is with music that most of our youth first encounter their heritage in a significant way as they attend liturgies, church-sponsored festivals and dances, and prepare for greek school performances. The music attracts them, urging them on to learn more about their heritage, drawing their them closer into the bosom of their ancestry like the alluring songs of the Sirens in Homeric Epic.

To quote the noted Greek poet Kostis Palamas, "The ancient Greeks imbued music with meaning. For them, poetry was music, philosophy was music - the highest form of music; everything that systematically and harmoniously shapes life was music; every refinement of the soul was music."

The Christos and Mary Papoutsy Charitable Foundation offers on-line free downloadable Greek music scores. The list of PDF files below is arranged alphabetically. The scores were written by the emininent composer and violinist, Frederick Elias, who also serves as the prinicpal violinist and co-conductor of the 30-piece Hellenic & Near Eastern Musical Society Orchestra.The scores are free for use. The society asks only that proper credit be given to the composer, Mr. Elias, and the arranger and owner of the copyright for the scores, Christos Papoutsy.


Tis Agapis Aimata (The Blood of Love)


[santouri--western dulcimer for this arrangement]



[santouri--western dulcimer for this arrangement]

The Blood of Love (Tis Agapis Aimata)--see Agapis Aimata, Tis)



Eimai Aetos Horis Ftera

Eimaste Duo

Ena Savato Vradi (Po Po Po Maria)

Erotevmenaki [violin]

Etan Tou Mai To Prosopo

To Fengari Einai Kokkino

To Fengari Einai Kokkino
[santouri--western dulcimer for this arrangment]

Ferte Mou Ena Mantolino

Fournos Na Min Kapnizi


E Gerakina

Hartino To Fengari


Karsilama (Karshlam)



Kokkino Garyfallo

Leftender / Fast Hassapiko


Mana Moy Kai Panayia

E Mana Mou Me Derni

E Mana Tou Alexandrou

Mantzourana Mou


Nehewand Mode Finale

Never on Sunday

Nina Na
i Nai (Siko Horepse Koukli Mou)

Orea Aegiotissa


Pame Mia Volta Sto Fengari

Pame Mia Volta Sto Fengari
[santouri--eastern dulcimer]


E Petra

Po Po Po Maria--see Ena Savato Vradi


[santouri--eastern dulcimer]

S'Agapo Yiati Eis' Oraia - Version 1

S'Agapo Yiati Eis' Oraia - Version 2


Saranta-Pente Lemonies (45 Lemons)

Siko Horepse Koukli Mou--see Nina Nai Nai


Sterea Ellada

Strose to Stroma Sou

Smyrna March


Tango of Roses

Tango Tis Nefelis

Tha Potiso

Thessaloniki Mou

Tha Se Xanavro Stous Baxethes

Ti Ein' Afto Pou To Lene Agapi (Boy on a Dolphin)

Tora Pou Pas Stin Xenitia

To Triantafillo


Turkish Medley

Vals Ton Hamenon Oneiron

Vrisi Mou Malamatenia

White Ribbons (Aspres Kordeles)--see Aspres Kordeles

To Yelekaki


Zeibekiko Evdokias

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(Posting date 10 January 2007)

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