Tenth Anniversary Celebration
of the John C. Rouman Classical
Lecture Series at the University of New Hampshire

History of the John C. Rouman Classical Lecture Series

The John C. Rouman Classical Lecture Series at the University of New Hampshire began in 1997 with a grant from the Christos and Mary Papoutsy Charitable Foundation. This extraordinary series of lectures and events was designed to promote and enhance awareness of the Classics in New Hampshire. throughout New England, and beyond. Topics explored each year by the series have covered a range of subjects wthin Greco-Roman civilization, including mythology, literature, history, art, philosophy, and language, and feature lectures delivered by internationally recognized speakers and scholars. Each year of lectures and special events is unique in its scope and focus.

The series was named after one of the university's most distinguished and well-regarded members of the faculty, Dr. John C. Rouman (Professor Emeritus). Dr. Rouman taught for decades at UNH, serving as the chair of the Classics Program and overseeing its development. Following his recent retirement from the university, Dr. Rouman has continued to serve as the Co-chair of the Advisory Board for the lecture series, to participate in professional activities, and to conduct scholarly research.

There are twelve people who join Dr. Rouman on the Advisory Board in planning and overseeing the events of the series, representing a professionally diverse, but expert group. Current members of the board are

Dr. Stephen Brunet, UNH Professor, Dept. of L.L.C.
Dr. Richard Clairmont, UNH Professor. Dept. of L.L.C.
Dr. Richard Desrosiers, UNH Professor, Dept. of L.L.C., retired
Hon. William Gardner, NH Secretary of State
Dr. Marilyn Hoskin, UNH Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Dr. John T. Kirkpatrick, UNH Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Ms. Michelle LeBlanc, UNH student, Dept. of L.L.C.
Mr. Christos Papoutsy
Mrs. Mary Papoutsy
Dr. Paul Properzio, Instructor, Boston Latin School
Dr. John C. Rouman, UNH Professor Emeritus, Dept. of L.L.C.
Dr. R. Scott Smith, UNH Professor, Dept. of L.L.C.
Dr. Stephen Trzaskoma, UNH Professor, Dept. of L.L.C.

In addition, three persons have been named honorary members of the board, following the end of their service: Ms. Anna Aiken, former UNH student, Dept. of L.L.C.; Dr. J. C. Douglas Marshall, former Dean of the Faculty at St. Paul's School in Concord; Mr. Thomas Soule, former UNH student, Dept. of L.L.C.

In October 1998, Dr. John Silber, the Chancellor of Boston University and a well-known Classicist and philosopher, delivered the inaugural address for the series, "Drinking the Sun of Corinth and Reading the Marbles." Subsequent speakers were Bernard Knox in 1999 ("Always to Be Best: The Competitive Spirit in Ancient  Greek Culture"), Brunilde Ridgway, May 2000 ("Laokoon: The Reading of a Masterpiece"), Anna Marguerite McCann in 2001 ("Roman Shipwrecks from the Wine-Dark Sea"), Stanley Lombardo and Victor Hanson during separate semesters in 2002 ("Odysseus' Homecoming" and "Classical War and Modern Peace," respectively), Lynn Sherr and Dr. Jonathan Shay in 2003 ("Why in Heaven's Name Are You Majoring in Greek?" and "Achilles and Odysseus Today: What Homer Can Tell Us About Military Leadership"), Donald Kyle in 2004 ("Ancient Olympic History--By Flickering Torchlight?") Mary Lefkowitz in 2005 ("Greek Gods, Human Lives"), Monica Cyrino and Christine Kondoleon in 2006 ("From Helen of Sparta to Helen of Troy" and "From House to Church: Charting the Course of Artistic Transformations in Early Byzantine Art"), and Charles Rowan Beye in March of 2007 ("Defining/Defending Odysseus"). Transcripts of selected lectures appear on the Classics pages hosted by Hellenic Communication Service at the URL http://www.helleniccomserve.com/classical.html. To obtain a printed copy of the lectures, contact Thelma Sidmore, departmental secretary, at the address below.

The Rouman series has received staunch support from the entire university community and the general public, boasting standing-room-only crowds at all events, with some members of the audience traveling from as far away as the mid-Atlantic states. University and secondary-level students, as well as faculty and local residents have benefited from these remarkable lectures. Scholars at other institutions have characterized them as among the most successful in the country because of their attendance and impact on the viability of the Classics Program at UNH. Previous speakers have likewise given the series glowing recommendations.

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of the lectures, a special series of events will take place at the university in October 2007 centered on the New Hampshire visit of legendary documentary film producer and British historian Michael Wood. Mr. Wood will deliver the anniversary address at Memorial Union Building on Thursday, October 25, 2007, capping a week of campus lectures and discussions. At the close of the week, the university community will hold a Tenth Anniversary Dinner, on Friday, October 26, 2007, with Remarks by Mr. Wood and other dignitaries. All lectures are free and open to the public.(View anniversary brochure.)

Through continued support and contributions from friends of the Classics, the Advisory Board hopes to expand upon the success of the series. Among future projects the group would like to undertake, in addition to securing prestigious speakers for the annual addresses, are distinguished scholar-in-residence programs and scholarships for undergraduate studies and study abroad programs.

For more information, contact Thelma Sidmore, Secretary, directly at the University of New Hampshire, Classics Program, Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, Murkland Hall, Rm. 316, 15 Library Way, Durham, NH 03824; (tel.) 603-862-3522; (email) tss@cisunix.unh.edu.

(Updated 09 September 2007)

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