Tenth Anniversary Celebration
of the John C. Rouman Classical
Lecture Series at the University of
New Hampshire

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UNH to Host Michael Wood in October 2007

Classics Weeks begins in New Hampshire by proclamation of Governor John Lynch, all in honor of the 10th Anniversary of the John C. Rouman Classical Lecture Series, which has brought world-famous speakers to the state to talk about all aspects of the ancient world. Students, alumni, faculty, staff, and members of the public are invited to a series of celebratory events from Tuesday to Friday centered on the visit of renowned British documentary filmmaker and historian Michael Wood. Mr. Wood has over 70 documentary films to his credit, many of which have been seen to great acclaim on public television stations in the United States—In Search of the Trojan War, Pilgrimage to Karbala, In Search of Shakespeare, Conquistadors, Legacy, In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great, and more. Currently he is working on new films on India and on locating in Iraq the site of the Battle of Gaugamela, the last great battle in Alexander's conquest of the Persian Empire. Wood is an exhilarating speaker who in person and in film brings the past to life again, passionately showing the interconnections between the ancient and medieval worlds and our own. Ancient Greece has been a continual source of inspiration for him, and the entire university community is very pleased to have him on campus to share his love of the classical world with us. Click here for a schedule of events>>

NHPT to Air Woods' Myths Series in Advance of Classics Week

New Hampshire Public Television Announces October Special Broadcast Schedule for Woods' In Search of Myths Series:
(Channel 11 Durham, Channel 15 Hanover, Channel 18 Pittsburg, Channel 49 Littleton, Channel 52 Keene, Digital Channel 57 Durham, Digital Channel 48 Littleton, Digital Channel 49 Keene)

Day Date Time Program

Monday Oct. 8 9-10 PM In Search of Myths and Heroes: The Queen of Sheba
Monday Oct. 8 10-11 PM In Search of Myths and Heroes: Arthur: The Once and Future King
Monday Oct. 15 9-10 PM In Search of Myths and Heroes: Shangri-La
Monday Oct. 15 10-11 PM In Search of Myths and Heroes: Jason and the Golden Fleece
Thursday Oct. 18 11 PM In Search of Myths and Heroes: Jason and the Golden Fleece
Sunday Oct. 21 10 PM In Search of Myths and Heroes: Jason and the Golden Fleece

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NHPT Night: Pre-lecture Reception for Michael Wood at Holloway Commons in Durham on Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Officials at NHPTV are pleased to announce that they will be hosting a reception for Michael Wood prior to his Tuesday evening lecture at Holloway Commons. Reception is scheduled from 5:00-6:00pm. Additional details to follow.

(Updated 12 September 2007)

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