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Part One

Named for one of the University of New Hampshire's most distinguished scholars and faculty members, the series is a testament to the extraordinary devotion Professor John C. Rouman has exhibited and continues to display toward the field. A former Fulbright Scholar in Byzantine Greek, Dr. Rouman has won the prestiguous American Philological Association Award for Excellence in Teaching, and the Distinguished Teaching Award from UNH. He is currently completing the translation and commentary on the History of Nicephorus Bryennius, as well as a modern Greek textbook called Greek: The Living Language.

Colleagues of Dr. Rouman point out a lengthy list of public service, a volunteerism and steadfast dedication which have earned him great respect both among Classicists and the great community. His efforts to promote higher education and humanities, especially the Classics, have become well known and have had far-reaching impact upon the university community. Indeed, it is through these very efforts of his that the teaching of Classics in New Hampshire--and even throughout New England--has continued to flourish at many educational levels.

He served as a formal examiner in Latin and Greek at the state and national level. The University of New Hampshire--and indeed the entire State of New Hampshire--once again benefited from his efforts when the National Junior Classical league (affiliate organization of the American Classical League), a national organization of high-school Latin and Greek students, was hosted twice here in Durham under his direction, bringing to UNH about 1500 talented learners from all corners of the country on each occasion. His participation in these respected groups and in many other prestigious professional organizations has not just been limited to membership or special projects. He has served as an executive officer on a number of them, including the American Classical League (treasurer), the Classical Association of New England (as president in 1987-88), the New Hampshire Classical Association (executive committee since 1965), the Strafford County Greco-Roman Foundation (founder, president since 1978), entailing a firm commitment of time to the duties of these positions--all while maintaining his heavy teaching schedule and academic duties. On every occaion the University of New Hampshire and the larger Granite State community have benefited from the publicity and good will generated by his service, as well as the university students who were regular beneficiaries of that scholarly excellence and accomplishment.

A significant number of New Hampshire Latin and Greek teachers are former students of his. Not only has he assumed a pivotal role in training these instructors, but he has also maintained professional contact with them and has continued his policy of delivering lectures to their learners and supporting continuing education of the teachers. Thus, nearly all young students and teachers of the Classics in New Hampshire know and have been positively influenced by Dr. John C. Rouman. He was instrumental in helping to found the nationally known CANE (Classical Association of New England) Summer Institute which aims to meet the continuing education needs of secondary-school teachers (of all disciplines) by learning about the ancient world. Prominent Classicists from around the country participate in these specially developed, intensive summer seminars. In 1991 the association presented Dr. Rouman with its Barlow-Beach Award of Merit. Only conferred occasionally, the award recognizes those who have "over the years, contributed exceptional service to the Classics in New England." One of his colleagues, in recommending him for this honor, described him as a "superb teacher, caring and dedicated to his students--in sum all that a classicist should be and one who surely deserves our recognition and appreciation."

Throughout all of these efforts to encourage and promote education and the Classics, Dr. Rouman never refused an invitation to deliver a public lecture or a paper, his career marks many such requests. 

(Part Two--coming soon. . . .)

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