Art Exhibition: Faces of Modernism: Painting in Bulgaria, Greece, Romania. 1910-1940.
The thematic exhibition will be hosted at the B & M Theocharakis Foundation for the Fine Arts and Music in Athens from March 12 until May 9, 2010. 55 prominent artists from Bulgaria, Romania and Greece will participate in the exhibition with 124 representative works revealing the path of Modernism in their countries. Under the auspices of the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO, the exhibition is funded by the EU and is an integral part of the “Balkan Modernisms” project, which is being carried out with the support of the Culture 2007-2013 Program.This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. For more information, see press release.

Christos Calivas Art Exhibition at Merrimack College--March through April 2010
The McCoy Gallery at Merrimack College will hold an exhibition of works by Greek artist Christos Calivas from March to April 2010. The exhibition, “Greece: A Journey Home," includes a variety of artistic media by Calivas: paintings, drawings and video. Calivas is known primarily as a painter of reductive landscapes, involving the invention of color and the interplay between abstract space and more realistic, illusionistic space. In this exhibit, “Greece: A Journey Home”, Calivas turns his artistic lens towards his family village in Greece, and has created work which is visually beautiful and engaging, as well as deeply personal and meaningful. Read more.

Last Week of Major Exhibit at London's Royal Academy of Arts: "Byzantium: 330--1453." Exhibition Ends 22 March 2009
From October 2008, the Royal Academy of Arts has been hosting a ground-breaking exhibition devoted to Byzantium. Supported by the J.F. Costopoulos Foundation, the A.G. Leventis Foundation, and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, the exhibition will run until March 22, 2009 in London. Highlighting the splendours of the Byzantine Empire, the exhibition comprises around 300 objects including icons, detached wall paintings, micro-mosaics, ivories, enamels plus gold and silver metalwork. Some of the works have never been displayed in public before. "Byzantium 330–1453" includes great works from the San Marco Treasury in Venice and rare items from collections across Europe, the USA, Russia, Ukraine and Egypt. Read more.

Alexander the Great and the Opening of the World: Changes in Asian Cultures
The exhibition focuses on the impressive expansion of Alexander the Great to Central Asia and the cultural, political and economical transformation processes connected with it. Of especial interest are the lasting results of the meeting of Oriental, especially Achaemenidian, and Greek traditions with regard to the civilizations of Central Asia. The exhibition will feature high-ranking objects of grand European museums and objects from collections of the Central Asian states. Most of these are to be shown in Europe for the first time. Thus the extraordinary meaning of Alexander the Great beyond his lifetime and expeditions as well as the resulting meeting of the worlds will be examined in the exhibition. [Oct. 2009-Feb. 2010] Read more.

Onassis Foundation to Launch Major Exhibition on Women Worshipping Women: Ritual and Reality in Ancient Athens
On view from December 10, 2008, through May 9, 2009, the exhibition brings together 155 rare and extraordinary archaeological objects in order to re-examine preconceptions about the exclusion of women from public life in ancient Athens. The story told by these objects, and experienced in the galleries, presents a more nuanced picture than is often seen, showing how women’s participation in cults and festivals contributed not only to personal fulfillment in Classical Greece but also to civic identity. Worshiping Women is organized by the Onassis Foundation (USA) in collaboration with the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, Greece. Read more.

Greek Premier Karamanlis Inaugurates Exhibition on Maria Callas
Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis inaugurated on Wednesday evening an exhibition on "Maria Callas - Thirty Years After," organized by the Foundation of the Hellenic Parliament. The exhibition is housed at the Parliament's exhibition space of the foundation at 1, Mitropoleos Str. and Filellinon, Syntagma Square. Read more.

Apollo on Delos Cultural Event
The Alexander S. Onassis Foundation, presents a major cultural event entitled "Apollo Delios," on the island of Delos (September 1st 2007). The event features participants of international acclaim, namely the Filarmonica della Scala and soloists of the Teatro alla Scala Ballet. "Apollo Delios", honoring the god who, according to mythology, not only was born in Delos but also "reveals (deloi), sees everything and makes everything visible." Read more.

Finalists Announced for Athens Prize for Literature
On Tuesday, 18 April 2007, at the Ianos Cultural Center in Athens, representatives of the (De)kata Foundation, Tzannes A.E. company, and Montblanc released a list of finalists for the new Athens Prize for Literature at a noontime press conference. Representing the foundation were Dino Siotis, noted Greek poet and publisher of (De)kata Journal; Thanassis Valtinos, a distinguished author and current president of the Greek Writers' Society; Tonia Arachova, editor of (De)kata; and Theodoros Grigoriadis, a Greek novelist and lecturer. Read more.

Pacific Palisades Art Association Presents Calliope Caloyera Babu-Khan
This exhibit of Greek-born artist Calliope Caloyera Babu-Khan features her large abstract paintings, which showcase her unique use of color, form, and pattern. A reception honoring the artist will be held on Saturday, February 17, 2007 from 3-5 PM at the Pacific Palisades Library in California. Her exhibition there will run during gallery hours from February 17 through February 28. Her award-winning biographical paintings will also be exhibited. They contain highlights of an individuals’ life achievements and milestones. These colorful biographical paintings are tributes of visual celebrations for the individual and their families. Read more about the exhibition and view a sampling of the artist's work.

Holy Image, Hallowed Ground: Icons from Sinai--Getty Museum Exhibition through 4 March 2007
See sacred images of saints, angels, and biblical figures in this once-in-a-lifetime exhibition of icons from the Monastery of Saint Catherine at Mount Sinai, the mountain where Moses is said to have encountered God. Learn the story of these glowing treasures, how they provide access to the divine, and how they survived the systematic destruction of icons over 1,200 years ago. Read more.

Greek Costume: Printed Sources 16th-19th Centuries is on at the Benaki Museum until November 12th 2006
The Benaki's exhibition, which leaves out the photography-oriented 20th-century works, features 220 prints - wood-engravings, copper-engravings and lithographs - out of the collection's 550 which have been added to the museum's already existing costume archive. Brides, officers, sailors, egg sellers and noblemen parade from this imaginary wardrobe museum which unravels geographically, starting from Thrace and Macedonia and comes to a close with the Ionian islands. Read more

Hellenic Museum and Cultural Center Expanding National Collection
HMCC of Chicago announces that it is dramatically expanding its immigrant gallery with the help of guest curators Madeline Gelis and Olga Garoufalis. Through vignettes, photos, textiles, and artifacts, the gallery will display the experience and life accomplishments of the Greek American immigrant from the early days through contemporary times. Read more.

Penelopeia: The Other Journey. An Exhibition at the Hellenic Museum of Chicago, 8 March--16 June 2006
Inspired by Homer's Penelope in The Odyssey, five Greek artists sail on a metaphorical journey with partners from across the globe to connect and explore issues of common interest through varied artistic media and breathtaking imagery. Curated by Dr. Zoe Kosmidou, the show includes live and interactive performances, multimedia works, video projections, photography, drawings and installations.The project was initiated in Greece on the occasion of the 2003 Greek European Union Presidency and developed a global reach with a mission of establishing a network of women’s voices in the international arts community.
Read more.

Icons from Albania in Thessaloniki
(MPA) The five century history of the “unknown Orthodox Albania” is being told by the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine icons from the Christian Orthodox communities in Albania exhibited in the Museum of Byzantine Culture in Thessaloniki. The exhibition of icons displayed in Greece for the first time was inaugurated yesterday evening by Culture Ministry general secretary Christos Zachopoulos and his Albanian counterpart (general director of the Albanian Ministry of Culture and Sports) Armando Bora. Also present, were the Thessaloniki Museum of Byzantine Culture director and the director of the National Museum of Medieval Art in Korce, Albania where the icons were being kept.

Getty Villa Museum Reopens
Following extensive renovations, the villa, housing 44,000 antiquities, including a world-class collection of 1200 Greek, Etruscan, and Roman works of art on display in 23 permanent galleries, will reopen on 28 January. The three opening exhibitions are "Antiquity and Photography: Early Views of Ancient Mediterranean Sites," "Molten Colour: Glassmaking in Antiquity," and "The Getty Villa Reimagined." Admission free, parking $7, reservations required. For more information about the exhibits or reopening, contact the museum at 310-440-7300 or visit its website at

Post-Byzantine Treasures in New York
The Evolution of Hellenic art and culture during four centuries of tumultuous change under Venetian and Ottoman occupation is the focus of an exhibition of treasures from the Benaki Museum in Athens to take place at the Onassis Cultural Center in New York from December 15 to May 6. From Byzantium to Modern Greece: Hellenic art in adversity features over 137 artefacts which span the period from the fall of Byzantium in 1453 to the founding of the modern Greek state in 1830. Read more.

Calliope Caloyera Babu-Khan: A Unique Artist and Trendsetter By Athan Karras
Several outstanding Greek painters have commanded attention in the contemporary art world. They have been prominently received in international art circles, with exhibits in main-stream galleries, their work covers the gamut of traditional, classical, representational as well as modern abstract idioms and they have matched their skills with the world's best artists of the past century.
Most of these painters have been male, while Greek women artists have been given sparse recognition and so Calliope Caloyera Babu-Khan is unique as an artist and trend-setter.
Read more.

Robert J. Andrews, America's Truly Byzantine Iconographer By Virginia Kimball
The soul, the eye, the mind's vision, and an Orthodox heart create an icon's window to eternity. We call them Byzantine icons and in America the master is Robert Andrews. His inspired mosaics are monuments of Orthodox faith across the land. Mosaic icons by Andrews can be found in more than twenty-five churches across the country. In the confusion of church art in the United States, parishioners are often bewildered at the myriad styles of European and ultra modern religious designs available. In Orthodox tradition, there is a thirst to return to ages-old Byzantine form. New churches and those renovating for the future, there comes a pressing need for ancient Christian tradition. For this, Andrews has dedicated his life.
Read more and see icon images.

Artist Profile: Ann Welch
On our last trip to Mytilene to visit the town of Vatoussa, villagers enthusiastically pointed out the Byzantine-style fresco of artist Ann Welch beneath the dome of the town's bell tower. A vivid work-in-progress, the icon had deeply moved us, particularly, since the artist was a foreigner and, most of all, a woman. But Ann is longtime summer resident whose masterful, acclaimed works in a variety of media have graced the local museum's walls and exhibition halls throughout Europe and the U.S. And, as we gazed at the brightly-colored figures of the icon, we marveled not only at the progressiveness of the village elders in welcoming this magnificent fresco, but also in the willingness of an English painter to offer such a gift to the village. Read more.

Fairfield University's Museum Launches Major Exhibition on New Athenian Acropolis Museum
Fairfield University’s new Bellarmine Museum of Art will open its first temporary exhibition, “Gifts from Athens: New Plaster Casts from the Acropolis Museum and Photographs by Socratis Mavrommatis” on Tuesday, Nov. 2. The exhibition will continue through Dec. 17. The museum is free and open to the public, Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and by appointment ( It is located in the lower level of Bellarmine Hall on the campus of Fairfield University.“Gifts from Athens” features eight plaster casts given to the Bellarmine Museum of Art in July 2010 by the First Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities—Acropolis Museum. See entire press release.

Exhibition of Greco-Roman Antiquities: "The Return of the Gods--Berlin's Hidden Olympus"
The Antikensammlung Staatliche Museen (Collection of Classical Antiquities) has opened an important new exhibition based upon its antiquties collections. It will run until April 10, 2010. Important figures of the Greek and Roman pantheon are presented in Berlin, showing their art historical development and cultural context: as votive offerings, adornments in public spaces and buildings or fixtures in Roman villas and gardens.The National Museums in Berlin are commemorating the return of museum pieces from the Soviet Union to Berlin which took place in 1958. Read more.

Dionysis--Metamorphosis and Ecstasy: Exhibition in Berlin
Using objects from the antiquities collections of the Antikensammlung Staatliche Museen (Classical Antiquities Collection), curators present an exhibition on Dionysos, the "foreign" or "approaching" god that was full of contraditions. He fascinated the ancient Greeks and still has an allure for us today. We connect him with wine and ecstasy, music and dance, but also with metamorphosis, disguise and theatre. The exhibition complements the themes of the ‘Return of the Gods' exhibition that will be taking place in the Pergamonmuseum at the same time. [Until Jan. 2010]. Read more.

"Divine Dimensions"--Exhibition of icons from around the world at the Canterbury Festival
On Friday 16th of October as part of the Canterbury Festival the medieval church of St Peter's Oare will host an icon exhibition with a difference. The difference is that the icons have been commissioned from around the world from some of the best iconographers and are being displayed as an iconostasis, so that they are viewed not as mere art objects, but as they should be seen, as Holy icons. The Anglican church will be transformed during the two weeks of the Festival into a space more reminiscent of an Orthodox Church with candles, incense and Orthodox chant. Read more.

Intimately Greek: A Review of the Nicholas Egon in Greece Art Exhibit at the Benaki Museum
The splendour of nature and the special quality of Greek light are captured in the paintings of Nicholas Egon, currently on display at the Benaki Museum.Egon has a level of technical accomplishment now denied to most contemporary artists. In this sense he is 'traditional', completely at home with the achievements of the past. His paintings are telling of his history and experience in Greece. In his new exhibition at the Benaki Museum, there are portrait drawings that date back to the late 1940s, the tail-end of the Greek civil war. Read more.

Lecture at Hellenic Museum & Cultural Center to Coincide with 'Nourishing Culture,' Current Exhibit
Dr. Anthony F. Buccini on May 24, 2007 will speak about the history of olive oil cultivation in Greece and its ultimate spread to the rest of the Mediterranean.
The lecture coincides with the Museum’s current exhibition entitled ‘Nourishing Culture,’ which shows how food played an important role in the story of Greek immigration to Chicago and the evolution of Greek American culture. Read more.

Andrι Masson & Ancient Greece--Exhibit at Museum of Contemporary Art on Andros Island
For the Surrealists, Greek mythology was an inexhaustible source of inspiration, a language of symbols that spoke of fundamental truths of the human condition. As a surrealist, the French painter Andr ι Masson (1896-1987) based much of his work on themes taken from Greek mythology. The exhibition titled "Andrι Masson and Ancient Greece" opens at the Basil and Elise Goulandris Museum of Contemporary Art on Andros on July 1 and runs through September 30. Read more.

Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis Inaugurates Museum Exhibit Focusing on Asia Minor Greeks-Athens
Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis on Monday inaugurated the renewed exhibition of the Filio Haidemenou Museum of Asia Minor Hellenism, which is contained within the Andreas G. Papandreou World Cultural Foundation of Diaspora Hellenism in the historic Nea Philadelphia district of west Athens. Exhibited in the museum are 500 of the 1,500 objects and photographs belonging to a fraction of the multitudes of ethnic Greeks expelled from Asia Minor after 1922, collected by 108-year-old Filio Haidemenou, who was unable to attend Monday's ceremony due to ill health. Read more.

Visions of Light Art Exhibition of Papatzanaki Featured at New York Gallery
Visions of Light is the first New York gallery solo exhibition of the acclaimed Greek sculptor Antonia Papatzanaki since her debut in 2000-2001 at Battery park with the outdoor installation Agora. This exhibit presents a sample of Papatzanaki's signature wall-reliefs representing her production during the lawst decade, and an installation of new Plexiglas works. Her works emit light,which is formed through rigid materials. A constant dialogue exists betwent he artificial light of the work and the ambient light of the surroundings. The works function as a conceptual manifestation connecting sculpture architecture, and the experience oflight. Read more.

Children's Museum of Manhattan to Present New Model of "World's First Computer" Antikythera Mechanism
A team of top European scientists, collectively comprising the Antikythera Mechanism Research Project, today announced its exclusive partnership with the Children’s Museum of Manhattan (CMOM) to reconstruct a new model of the Antikythera Mechanism, known in scientific circles as the “world’s first computer.” CMOM will be the first to showcase and interpret the Antikythera Mechanism for a family audience in the United States and the first to present the newest findings on this mysterious artifact in New York. Read more.

"Et in Arcadia Ego" Photography Exhibit of Simon Norfolk to Run in Athens Through 14 October at Cats & Marbles Gallery
In these digital times Simon Norfolk still works with an old-fashioned wooden - plate camera that needs a tripod and a black cloth over the photographer's head - the kind used by war photographers in the 19th century. His photos are not just straightforward photojournalistrecords of military conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. The 43-year-old, born in Lagos, Nigeria, steers clear of cliched shots of dilapidated buildings and mutilated bodies.
Read more.

Athens-Sparta Antiquities Exhibit to Open at Onassis Cultural Center in New York
In collaboration with the National Archaeological Museum of Greece. Nearly 300 artifacts curated by Dr. Nikos Kaltsas, Dir. of the Nat'l Archaeological Museum in Athens explore the history and cultural achievements of the two most important city-states in the ancient Greek world. Many of these artifacts will travel abroad for the first time and include such famous works as the Spartan warrior Leonidas, a marble Athenian kore from the Acropolis Museum, bronze figurines of hoplites from Sparta from the 8th to 6th cent. B.C., artifacts from the famous battlefield of Thermopylae, and a black-figure Laconian kylix from the Vatican Museums. This exhibition will give viewers an opportunity to discover the depth and complexity of Laconian art. Exhibition catalogue to accompany exhbition.
Read more.

Hellenic Museum & Cultural Center Seeks Items for Upcoming Exhibit That Reveal Role of Food in Greek Culture
The Hellenic Museum and Cultural Center (HMCC) is looking to the Greek community for help in obtaining a wide variety of items that reveal the role that food has played in the Greek family, community and business life. These might include kitchen utensils, cookbooks, recipes, relevant photos, dinnerware, or flyers. Read more. Greek food and its role in the formation of our community will be portrayed in an upcoming exhibit that will open early in 2007 titled, “Nourishing Culture: Greek Immigrants and Food in Chicago.” Read more.

'Rembetika' Opening Draws Record Crowd
CHICAGO--[This release deleted on 26 September 2010 at the request of Antonia Callas, Marketing and Media Relations Manager of the National Hellenic Museum, formerly The Hellenic Museum and Cultural Center, because she felt that the former name of the museum no longer "truly represents the museum."--edd]

Road to Rembetika - New Exhibit Opens
CHICAGO--[This release deleted on 26 September 2010 at the request of Antonia Callas, Marketing and Media Relations Manager of the National Hellenic Museum, formerly The Hellenic Museum and Cultural Center, because she felt that the former name of the museum no longer "truly represents the museum."--edd]

Constantine the Great Celebrated in York (UK) Exhibition 1700 Years On
Constantine the Great, the Roman emperor responsible for promoting Christianity and arguably the most influential figure in the growth of the Church, is the focus of a major international exhibition in York in 2006. It was in York, then called Eboracum, that 1700 years ago, in the year 306, Constantine was proclaimed emperor by his troops on the death of his father, the Emperor Constantius, while both were on a military campaign to defeat the Picts. Read more.

Papoutsy Arts Venture Fund Tops $300,000 in Grants
the Papoutsy Arts Venture Fund has dispensed approximately $300,000 in grants to improve access to the arts in the Portsmouth and greater New Hampshire Seacoast region by strengthening smaller arts organizations and by supporting community projects of local artists. As a result, the fund has helped maintain the artistic diversity and vitality of the region. Read more.

Contemporary Greek Art Exhibition in NYC
Hosted by the National Gallery of Arts Club at the organization's Grand Gallery, this exhibition titled "Reflections of Greece II," will feature the works of nine contemporary Greek artists from the 80s and 90s from 3-16 April 2006. Grand Gallery hours are MWF 10am-12noon and 3-5pm, Tuesday 2-5pm; business casual attire dress code; location 15 Grammercy Park South, NYC; tel. 212-475-3424

Pictorial History of Greece in the 1960s
By Professor Nicholas Econopouly
This extensive collection of images taken by Prof. Econopouly, spans more than one decade of travel to all areas of Greece. Subjects range from landscapes to special events, historical sites, and traditional village life. See more.

Seeing Through the Eyes of Greek Artist Dellapizza
By Matt Barrett
Kea is an island known for its artists. Because of its proximity to Athens it is the perfect weekend getaway and well-known artists like Fasianos have houses here. But one artist who is not known anywhere but on the island is Del, also known as Dellapizza. Born in Kea, one of a set of twins, Del came back to his ancestral island after living in Athens when he was in his twenties. His job as a handyman for the town of Ioulida gives him a perspective of life on the island that few others have and he uses his art to express his feeling about the island, the people as well as local, national and world events.Click here to see more.

Byzantine Women and Their World Exhibit at Harvard's Arthur M. Sackler Museum
This exhibit at the Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Harvard University accomplishes the goals it set out to achieve: to explore the daily lives of women in the Byzantine world and to initiate a “fresh discourse . . . by displaying a variety of works of art and other objects and images related to them and their everyday lives.” Filling several rooms, the artefacts of this exhibit speak directly to viewers about women who lived during the many centuries of the Byzantine period. Read more and view images.

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