Christos Papoutsy Lectures at Southern New Hampshire University

(HCS) On October 13, 2006, Christos Papoutsy lectured at two of SNHU's Business Ethics Classes. Dr. Annabel Beerel, Chair holder of the Christos and Mary Papoutsy Distinguished Chair in Ethics, was the host professor of these two classes. Approximately sixty students attended the lectures on moral capitalism. The lecture complemented the class textbook, Business Ethics: A Stakeholder and Issues Management Approach.

There are four principal objectives of the ethics class, as supported by the text: 1) to introduce basic ethical concepts, principles, and examples in order to enhance understanding and use of ethics in solving moral dilemmas that are occurring at every professional level; 2) to introduce the stakeholder and issues management methods as strategic and practical ways for mapping corporate, group, and individual relationships so readers can understand and apply ethical reasoning in the marketplace and in the workplace relationships; 3) to expand readers' awareness of what constitutes ethical and unethical practices in business at the individual, group, organizational, global, and multinational levels; 4) to instill a confidence and competence in readers' ability to think and act according to moral principles as they create, manage, and study stakeholder relationships in their own worlds at the nation and international level.

Mr. Papoutsy covered many points of ethics, including checks and balances, the Sarbanes-Oxley Law, and the definition of what is a corporate socially responsible business. During the lectures a very dynamic interchange of comments and questions took place between the students, Mr. Papoutsy, and Dr. Annabel Beerel.

To read the entire lecture, click on Is Moral Capitalism Possible?

SNHU Ethics class, including Dr. Annabel Beerel
(back row, 3rd from left) and Christos Papoutsy
(front row, center)

During the week of November 6th, 2006, the Christos and Mary Papoutsy Distinguished Chair in Ethics will host a four part series on ethics as part of Transparency Four 2006. Click here for further detailsabout this series.

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For more information about Christos Papoutsy, his schedule of free lectures, or to read his other articles on corporate social responsibility and business ethics, visit the About Us or section of the Hellenic Communications Service (HCS) website, or read his biography in the Contributing Authors' section. HCS readers may also wish to read Corporate Social Responsibility: Is Moral Capitalism Possible and Business Institutionalization Promotes Excellence, Combats Corruption written by Mr. Papoutsy. He welcomes comments and can be reached via email at the address

The purpose of the Christos and Mary Papoutsy Distinguished Chair in Ethics is to promote and enhance awareness of ethics among students
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