Christos Papoutsy

Christos Papoutsy is the former owner and president of Hollis Engineering-Cooper Electronics Co., with sales in the hundreds of millions worldwide, and director of United States Arbitration & Mediation Co. A noted Greek-American philanthropist, Archon of the Greek Orthodox Church, and member of Leadership 100, Mr. Papoutsy presently writes and lectures on business, entrepreneurship and business ethics. He is also an accomplished musician (santouri, percussion) and the conductor and founder of the 30-piece Hellenic and Near Eastern Musical Society Orchestra. He and his wife, Mary Papoutsy, established the Christos and Mary Papoutsy Endowed Chair in Business Ethics at Southern New Hampshire University in 2001. They also founded and are publishers of Hellenic Communication Service. For more information, see the About Us section of the HCS website.

Books by Christos Papoutsy

Ships of Mercy
Ethics, CSR and Sustainability
Sudden Outbreak of Reason
A Celebration of Greek Music
The Holy Theological School of Halki: Ecumenical Patriarchate of Orthodox Christianity Under Siege

Mr. Papoutsy has contributed many articles and material to HCS, most of which are listed below:

Journey To Ithaca Bridges Musical Styles in New Recording. A Review by Christos Papoutsy.

Business and Business Ethics

Are Business Practices in Greece Corrupt? A Call for International Business Ethics
Standards. An Editorial by Christos and Mary Papoutsy,

Business Ethics: There Is A Need

Business Institutionalization Promotes Excellence, Combats Corruption

Can Business Ethics Be Taught?

Caveat Emptor: World Stock Markets May Be Rising Again on the Back of "Irrational Exuberance"

A Common Sense Approach to Business Can Constitute an Ethical Framework

Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Ethics, and Economic Freedom

Corporate Social Responsibility. Is Moral Capitalism Possible?

Corruption and Business Ethics in Greece. An Editorial by Christos and Mary Papoutsy

Earnings and Ethics Investing: What is Moral?

Economic Freedom: The Way for World Economies to Grow

Entrepreneurship and Ethics Equals Success

Ethics, Whose Values?

Euro Will Unify Europe, Says Central Bank. How Will New Currency Affect U.S., Greece, and Other Economies?

Global Corruption: Measuring Opacity

Harvesting the Entrepreneurial Olive Tree

Horatio Alger Lecture Series

International Watchdogs Report on Analyst Conflicts of Interest

Macroeconomic Fundamentals

Measuring Opacity

Mediate, Don't Litigate: The Need for Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution

Mediation in the Construction Industry

A New Globalization System and the Ancient Olive Tree,

Public Confidence and Public Contracting

A Real Estate Bonanza For Greece? Large-scale Developments Will Attract Wealthy Foreigners, Boost Economy,

Savvy Businesses Create a 'Company of Citizens' With Human Capital

Seek Wisdom and Advice From Sages

The Integrated Perspective: An Interpretation of Female-Owned Businesses,

What If Aristotle Ran Your Company?

What is the Wealth Creation Process?

Where Did The Seven Trillion Dollars Go?

Which Way to Moral Capitalism? A Comparison of CSR in the US and EU-Greece

Will the Drop in US Dollar Affect Tourism in Greece? Currency fluctuations cloud the horizon of the Greek tourist industry


A Call for a Reporting Policy on Sexual Abuse in the Orthodox Church, Divorce Rates for Greek Orthodox Couples Below National Average, Theological Winds from the North: An Entrepreneurial Approach to Train Greek Orthodox Clergy, Will The Theological School of Halki Be Reopened? Where Have All The Theological Students Gone? Location, Location, Location: Provoking Questions for All Members of the Greek Orthodox Church of America, Silenced Transparency, New Charter Granted by the Ecumenical Patriarchate: Unity Affirmed?

Foreign Affairs and Editorials

Institutionalized Support for Terrorists. An Editorial by Christos and Mary Papoutsy,

Editorial: Our Reciprocal Best Wishes in 2005 to Our Greek Cousins

Editorial: Has the U.S. State Department Capitulated to Communist Propaganda?

Editorial: Kosovo-The Turkish Ottoman Empire Revisited

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