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A Congressional Salute to Greek Independence

Achievement and National Public Service Awards Dinner

Action Alert: U.S. Congressional Delegation to Visit Illegally Occupied Area of Cyprus Arriving Directly through Illegal Tymbou Airport from Turkey

American College of Greece Awards AHI Pres. Rossides Honorary Degree

AHI Action Alert: Ask Reps to Sign Two Letters to Be Sent to Secy of State Rice Concerning Talat and Turkey

AHI Action Alert: Congress Committee to Convene Meeting on U.S.--Turkey Relations

AHI Action Alert: Congressional Staffers to Travel to Illegally Occupied Cyprus

AHI Action Alert: Contact Congress About FYROM Resolution

AHI Action Alert: Contact Congress During August Recess

AHI Action Alert: Contact Congressional Staffers Who Participated in Trip to Occupied Cyprus via Illegal Tymbou  Airport

AHI Action Alert: Contact Michigan State Senator Laura Toy About Recognition of "Macedonia"

AHI Action Alert: Contact Your Representatives to Urge Turkey to Lift Religious Freedom Restrictions

AHI Action Update: Two Members of Congress Decide Not to Travel to Illegally Occupied Part of Cyprus

AHI Analysis and Statement on Annan Plan-5 for Cyprus

AHI and Pan-Macedonians Host FYROM Conference: "The Need for Reassessment of U.S. Policy in the Balkans"

AHI Announces Monthly Business Networking Receptions

AHI Announces Olympic Sponsorship Opportunity

AHI Applauds Committee Passage of Amendment Calling for Turkey to Honor Obligation to Christian Heritage

AHI Applauds Foreign Affairs Chair's Statement Cautioning Turkey on Threats to American Interests in Mediterranean

AHI Business Network Luncheon on the Occasion of the 30-Person Greek Business Delegation

AHI Calls for Apology from State Dept. for Conduct Leading to Invasion of Cyprus--20 July 2005

AHI Capital Report Vol. 1 Issue 1, 2 October 2009

AHI Commemorates the 90th Anniversary of the Destruction of Smyrna. Remarks by James Marketos, Esq., at the Gravesite of George Horton.

AHI Commends Senator Olympia J. Snowe (R-ME) for her Initiative

AHI Conference on Hellenism

AHI Confirms Misinformation in TRNC Daily Newspaper Article

AHI Delegation Completes Annual Trip to Greece and Cyprus

AHI Delegation Departs on its Annual Trip to Greece and Cyprus

AHIF Endowment Fund Campaign

AHI Executive Director Attends Swearing in Ceremony of the New President of the Hellenic Republic Karolos Papoulias

AHI Executive Director Completes Annual Trip To Greece

AHI Forum Commemorates 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Crete, May 1941

AHI Forum Commemorates 89th Anniversary of Smyrna Catastrophe

AHI Foundation Elects Tsakopoulos to Board of Directors

AHI: Greek American Organizations Call for Changes in the Annan Plan

AHI Holds Noon Forum on 1955 Turkish Pogroms & Destruction in Istanbul

AHI Hosted Noon Forum on Housing and Economic Outlook with Dr. Andreas Pericli

AHI Hosts Briefing on Hill for Staffers: "Cyprus and Washington's Hypocrisy" by Dr. Ted Galen Carpenter

AHI Hosts Briefing on the Hill with Cypriot Ambassador Evriviades

AHI Hosts Annual Congressional Salute to Greek Independence Day 2013

AHI Hosts Noon Briefing and Luncheon with Ted Carpenter and Dr. Van Coufoudakis--21 July 2005

AHI Hosts Noon Forum on "Cyprus: One Year After EU Accession- Prospects for a Solution" with Dr. Van Coufoudakis

AHI Hosts Noon Forum on Greek Economy
Featuring Dr. Plutarchos Sakellaris

AHI Hosts Second Annual Golf Tournament

AHI Hosts 30th Anniversary Hellenic Heritage

AHI Invites You to a Noon Forum

AHI Invites You to a Noon Forum on Cyprus

AHI Issues Major Joint Foreign Affairs Policy Statement with Greek American Organizations

AHI Kissinger - An Accessory to Turkey's War Crimes

AHI Letter Congratulates The Wall Street Journal

AHI Meets with Deputy Assistant Secretary of State

AHI Noon Forum Commemorates the Battle of Crete

AHI Noon Forum to Commemorate the 1955 Pogroms Against the Greek Minority of Constantinople--07 September 2005

AHI Noon Forum with Sen. Tim Johnson, D-SD--7 November 2005

AHI Opposes Legislation Authorizing Transfer of Naval Vessels to Turkey

AHI Protests Rice Meeting with Talat

AHI Rebuts Cyprus Briefing Paper by Group Accepting Turkish Funds

AHI Responds to Helle Dale--Washington Times Prints Rebuttal

AHI Schedules Noon Forum on American Higher Education in Greece--08 September 2005

AHI Sends Letter to Members of Sen. Foreign Relations Committee Regarding Confirmation Hearings for New US Amb. to Turkey

AHI Sends Letter to Pres. Bush Regarding Turkish PM Erdogan's Visit to White House on June 8, 2005

AHI Sends Letter to Pres. Bush Regarding Upcoming Meeting with FYROM's Buckovski

AHI Sends Letter to Secretary Condoleezza Rice Regarding State's Web on Cyprus as False and Misleading

AHI Sponsors Book Signing and Reception with Eleni Gage--23 June 2005

AHI Sponsors Noon Forum with Dr. Andreas Pericli on 22 June 2005

AHI Statement on the Passing of Senator Edward M. Kennedy

AHI Summer Fund Drive 2005

AHI Praises Members of Congress Regarding Cyprus

AHI Presentation of George Chryssis: The Battle of Crete--Fight for Freedom

AHI President & Executive Director Among White
House Guests for Greek Independence Day

AHI Protests National Geographic Identification of FYROM as "Macedonia"

AHI Rebuts Washington Times Editorial Declaring France a Spoiler in Cyprus Issues

AHI Responds to Helle Dale--Washington Times Prints Rebuttal

AHI Sends Letter to President George W. Bush Regarding The Wall Street Journal, The Wash
ington Times and Turkey

AHI Sends Letter to Secretary Condoleezza Rice Regarding Turkey's Violation of U.S. Law by its Recent Transfer of U.S.-origin Tanks to Cyprus

AHI Sends Letter to Secretary Rice Regarding Forthcoming Trip by Members of Congress to Illegally Occupied Part of Cyprus

AHI Solicits Funds for Awards Banquet in Athens
and New Athens Chapter

AHI Speech of Cypriot Amb. Evriviades: Cyprus in the EU: One Year Later--Prospects for Reunification

AHI to Hold 2nd Annual Benefit Golf Tournament on 17 September 2005 at Fairfax, VA

AHI to Host 30th Anniversary Hellenic Heritage and National Public Service Awards Dinner

AHI to Host Dinner in Honor of The Honorable Voulgarakis

Book Signing Held at AHI with Author Eleni Gage

Bush's Legacy and Turkey and Cyprus

Business Networking

Charles W. Mccaskill, SR 1923-2005

Cyprus: An Assessment of the Annan Plan--Prospects for a Solution--Speech by Prof. Van Coufoudakis at AHI

Cyprus Ambassador to Speak in Washington on Prospects for Reunification

European Affairs Publishes AHI Letter to the Editor

Fourth Annual Conference on the Future of Hellenism in America--November 19-20, 2005, NYC

George Chryssis to Present "The Battle of Crete: Fight for Freedom" at AHI Noon Forum"

Greece: A Frontline State for U.S. Interests--by Nick Larigakis, President of American Hellenic Institute in Washington, DC

Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and Bush's Inaugural Speech

Greek Defense Minister Spiliotopoulos Visits AHI, Confers Award

Greek Minister Alogoskoufis Visits AHI Headquarters

"How the SBA Helps America's Small Businesses"

Invitation to Capiol Hill Conference on FYROM

Letter to the Editor by AHI Advisory Board Member Published in The National Herald

Letter to the Editor by AHI Executive Director Published

New Greek Ambassador to U.S. Visits AHI

Op-Ed by AHI Pres. Gene Rossides on Turkey's Illegal Settlements in Cyprus

Op-Ed by AHI Pres. Gene Rossides on Turkey's War Crimes

Op-Ed by AHI President Published in The National Herald

Op-Ed by AHI President Published in The National Herald

Professor Alexandros Kyrou Speaks at AHI about the Significance of the Battle of Crete

Presentation - A Briefing on Cyprus a Year after the Referendum - Year after the EU Accession

Recent Developments in FYROM

Sakellaris Speaks in Washington on Greek Economy

7th Annual Capital Link Business Forum in NYC: Greece in a New Era--11 November 2005
Sources of Balkan Instability

State Dept Violates Rule of Law Claims AHI Pres Rossides

Summer Internships Available in Washington DC 2005

Transfer of Weapons to Cyprus; 22 U.S.C. § 2373

Turkey-Israel Military Arrangement (Op-Ed By AHI President)

Two Summer Fundraising Receptions Hosted in Support of AHI

U.S. Legislation Introduced Regarding Aegean Maritime Borders Between Greece and Turkey

U.S. Policy in the Balkans and Eastern Mediterranean: TIme to Stop Choosing Sides, and to Stsart Choosing Strategic Interests

Washington Times Prints AHI Letter--18 July 2005

Washington Times Prints AHI Letter by Gene Rossides-June 2005

Washington Times Prints Letter of AHI Chairman Marketos

Washington Times Prints AHI Letter on Cyprus--9 September 2005

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