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Hellenic Genealogy

3,000-Year-Old Polyxena: A Short Study in Onomastic Origins--by Mary Papoutsy

Alexander the Great: Sui Generis

Angelo Klonis - The Real-Life Story of an Army Soldier Turned American Icon

Annunciation Cathedral in Atlanta Sponsors Hellenic Genealogy Lecture and Workshop Led by Mary Papoutsy

Annunciation Cathedral in Atlanta Sponsors Hellenic Genealogy Lecture and Workshop--13 Aug. 2005

Arising from Catastrophe: A City Remembers its Destruction and Salvation--San Francisco

The Atmeidan or Hippodrome -- In Constantinople

Beginning a Greek Genealogical Search in the U.S.

Best Stories Come From the Heart

Black Book: The Tragedy of Pontus, 1914-1922
[large PDF file, 6.36 MB, containing entire book, Adobe Acrobat required to download and view]

Book Review by Dr. Catherine Tsounis of Very Rev. John Antonopoulos' The Community of St. Demetrios and its Place in the Church of America: 1927-2006.

A Brief History of the Balteas Family from Stavropigi of Exo Mani and Messinia, to Varousi in Lakonia, by Aris Poulimenakos and Nikos Balteas

British Telephone Directories and Passenger Lists: New Genealogical Research Tools

Calculating Cousin Relationships for Genealogical Research

Can You Cheat on a Paternity Test? [March 2009]

Celebrating the First 100 Years. . . 1907--2007 for Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Portland, Oregon. Centennial events May 4-6, 2007.

Church for Sale: 'It Had to be Done'

Coming to America: Stories of Greek Immigrants and American Authors' Weekend at the Annunciation Cathedral of Atlanta--29-30 October 2005

Copying Old Photographs: Infringement of Copyright Laws?

Counted Twice in the Census

Declaration of the Northern Epirotes from the Districts of Korytsa and Kolonia Demanding Union of Their Native Province with Greece--Pan-Epirotic Union in America, Boston, 1919 (1.92 MB PDF--37pp)

Digital Records for New Jersey Research Now Available Online for Genealogists: Greek-Americans May Find Some Collections Useful

Disasters and Emigration of Our Hellenic Ancestors--by Mary Papoutsy

Do Any Life Insurance Companies Owe Greeks or Greek-Americans Death Benefits?

The Dreams of Our Forefathers: A History of the Greek Orthodox Church of Holy Trinity of Charleston, South Carolina

Examining False Copyright Claims in Genealogy

First Generation Greek Immigrants in Australia Estimated at 180,000

Footprints of Odysseus in India

Forever 49 Club of Andover Sponsors Genealogy Workshop

The Future of Greek America

Genealogical Uses for Digital Cameras

Genealogy Lecture at Boston Public Library--28 April 2010--Introduction to Hellenic-American Genealogy. View and download flyer.

Genealogy Links

Genealogy Sleuthing: How Much Is That Worth Today?

Give the Gift of Your Story This Holiday Season: StoryCorps® at Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade Inspires People to Record, Preserve their History through Program Compiling Largest Oral History Collection

The Great Frost (or Kais) of 1850 in Lesvos

Greek Genealogy Workshops Held in Somerville, Haverhill, Massachusetts

Greek Organizations Join for Hellenic Project Fundraiser

Greek Relatives of Nazi Victims Score a Win in Italy Over Reparations

Greeks in the Confederate Army

HCS Genealogy Survey

Hellenic Historical and Genealogical Association to Offer Free Introductory Workshops

Historic Photos

Holiday Gatherings as Genealogical Research Tools

Hundreds of South Floridians Attend Workshops

Icarians: The Joy of Giving Back

Immigrant Passenger Ships' Records Now Online: Guide to Retrieving Records from the Ellis Foundation Database

Interested in Greek Memorabilia? Try E-Bay

International Genealogy Symbols

Ireland Develops a Reaching Out Diaspora Genealogical Project: Could Greece Do the Same?

Join the Hellenic Historical and Genealogy Association

A Journey to the Promised Land

Land Registry on the Move?

A Local Law of Old Achyrona (Kalloni)

Mikrasia Revisited: A Glimpse of Peristasi in Eastern Thrace--by James L. Marketos, Esq.

Nation's First Hellenic Genealogical Workshop Held in Dover, New Hampshire

New Book Chronicles History of Greek Americans of Cleveland, Ohio

New Online Databases for Genealogical Research on Lancaster County in Pennsylvania

New York Life Insurance Voluntary Program to Reach Out to Heirs of Greek Policies 1914

Newspaper Research Tips for Genealogical Research

"100 Years of Faith and Fervor" of Greek in Salt Lake City

On Teaching About the Greek-American Experience

Out of the Balkans: A Review by Mary Papoutsy

Philip Tedro: A Greek Legend of the American West

Photo collection evokes immigrants’ hopes in U.S.

Picture Bible of Mani Presents Stunning Pictorial Chronograph of Southern Lakonia. A Review by Mary Papoutsy.

Preventing Identity Theft Does Not Mean Hiding Your Ancestors

Reading Headstones

Researchers of Hellenic Ancestors: Beware Western Genealogists Bearing Names--by Mary Papoutsy

Review of "English Equivalents to Foreign Given Names" Posted by US GenWeb Project

Review of Surname Suggestion List Genealogists' Freeware

Review of The Greeks of Today 1907 by George Horton and Republished by Hellenic Electronic Center

Dr. Olga Sarantopoulos of World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE) Visits Hellenes of Hungary and Slovakia, Warm Reception by Veterans of Greek Civil War [Click here for Greek version of article-release]

Searching for Their Stefana: Locating My Grandparents' Marriage Record

Separating Sticky Documents and Photo Pages: Genealogists' and Archivists' Tips

A Sombre Twilight for Kafeneia

The Spirit of Kalivas Park [Manchester, New Hampshire]--Book by Spiros Plentzas and Dr. Chris Kehas

Talk Turkey on Thanksgiving Day--Ask Genealogy Questions

Throwing More Light on False Copyright Claims in Genealogy

Town Records of Vatoussa, Lesvos Restored

Understanding RootsWeb's Social Security Death Index

The Uprooting of Hellenism in Asia Minor, Part Two

Using Rootsweb: Military Records Flesh Out Family Histories

Was Columbus Greek?

What's on a Death Certificate?

Worcester Hellenic Arts Association Prepared for Ellis Island Visit with Hellenic Genealogy Lecture

Word Processing and Genealogical or Historical Writing

Writing Family Genealogies in Register Style

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