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The Hellenic American National Council Releases

1st Greek American Charter School

An Open Letter to the Greek Prime Minister from The Hellenic American National Council

Annual Conference of the Hellenic-American National Council (HANC) January 8-9 2005 Press Release

Archimedean Middle Conservatory Approved

Blight of Asia by George Horton Reprinted by HANC

Greek Democratic Ideals and Values Are the Solution to Impasses of Society

HANC Board Meets in Florida--January 2006

HANC Commemorates the Genocide of the Pontian Greeks of Asia Minor [in Greek]

HANC Greek Letters Day Message 2007 [in Greek--pdf]

HANC Issues Call for Greek Poetry Contribution in Honor of UNESCO'S International Day of Poetry [Greek]

HANC Proposes Memorial in Albania for Fallen Compatriots of WWII [Greek]

HANC Press Release-Fires in Greece-August 09

HANC Responds to Nimitz Proposal for Renaming FYROM

Hellenic American National Council

Hellenic American National Council 18th Annual Meeting [in Greek-PDF file]

Hellenic American National Council Expresses its Sorrow at the Passing of Physician Theodore Lyras

Hellenic American National Council Meets with Greek Government Officials [in Greek]

Hellenic American National Council Urges Prime Minister Karamanlis to Name Alexander the Great the Father of Ecumenical Hellenism [in Greek]

The Hellenic Classical Charter School in Cooperation with the Hellenic American National Council-Symposium-"The Greek American Charter Schools: A Success Story" 15 April 2006-Brooklyn, NY- Click here for Greek Version

Joint Declaration on the FYROM Name Issue from the Hellenic American National Council

March 25th Message from HANC [Greek]

Plant Your Roots in Greece Press Release

President Spyropoulos Grants Interview and Issues Invitation

Press Release: General Assembly of HANC (Greek) (pdf file)

Proposal to Rename Airport of Ioannina "Pyrros"

Reviving the Delphic Idea: First International Symposium "Know Thyself"--Delphi, 17-20 August 2006

SAE's World Board of Directors Must Resign--Exclusive Interview of HANC Pres. Spyropoulos with Magazine Sofia Times [in Greek]

Tameio Paideias Omogenon

Under the Auspices of H.E. the Ambassador of Greece, the General Secretariat General of Information World Council of Hellenes (SAE/USA) the HANC and the AHI invite you to a Symposium: "Meeting the Needs of Young Greek Americans: Opportunities and Perscpective"

Velivasakis's Speech Delivered at HANC (Greek) (pdf file)

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