Historical Overview of the Centre
for Asia Minor Studies

The Centre for Asia Minor Studies was created when, following the 1922 disaster and exchange of populations, Greece became conscious of the need to preserve the memory and the cultural heritage of the refugee population. At that point in time the musicologist Melpo Logotheti-Merlier and the hellenist Octave Merlier initiated a truly monumental project for the recording the preservation of Asia Minor history. Systematic research began during the inter-war period, with the collection of popular songs all over Greece: music was the original nucleus of the research collections of the Centre for Asia Minor Studies. For that reason, it was originally named Musical Folkore Archives (1930-1933). The Asia Minor Folklore Archives were created alongside (1933-1949), when the institute extended the scope of its research from folklore, to history. Its institutional status,name and professional character were finalized after the war: The Centre for Asia Minor Studies--Melpo and Octave Merlier Foundation is an independent, private legal entity incorporated in 1962 under Greek law.

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