Pre-1922 Archives of the
Centre for Asia Minor Studies

A. Before the 1922 divide:
the refugee "treasury"

Upon their expatriation, Asia Minor people transported to Greece their most valuable items: community codices, old manuscripts, religious relics, books. The Centre collected these "treasures," especially those related to written culture: manuscripts, printed matter and photographs. Their owners donated many of them. The deposited collections that date back to the pre-1922 period are the following:

Private Archives of individuals who played a historically significant role (A. A. Pallis, P. Photiadis, Chr. Christidis and others).

Community registers and codices of Orthodox communities.

Written documents of educational and religious concern related to the communities and parishes.

Manuscripts written by Asia Minor scholars and local historians during the 19th century.

Photographs picturing everyday life in the Asia Minor homelands, the 1922 tragedy and the resettlement in Greece.

Old books. The main body of the library was originally assembled out of Greek books printed in Asia Minor donated by the refugees. To these were later on added two significant private collections (the Athanassios D. Hadzidimou Collection of Publications from Smyrna and the Christoforos Christidis Collection of Publications from Constantinople).

"Karamanli" books. The "karamanli" books--written in Turkish but making use of the Grek alphabet--that were brought from the deep heart of Anatolia, form a special part of the "treasury." Today they constitute a rare collection. The Centre is currently publishing the Karamanli Bibliography and is gathering basic material in order to complete its holdings. (Purchase of the Iordanis Pamboukis Collection).

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