Post-1922 Archives of the Centre for Asia Minor Studies

B. After the 1922 divide: more recent purchases

Apart from the oral accounts and the "treasures" donated by the refugees, the Centre for Asia Minor Studies has purchased a valuable amount of printed documents: books, manuscripts and maps.

Library. The works that were written and published in Greece after 1922 are almost fully represented: recollections of the birthplaces, literary narratives describing the experience of expatriation, as well as scholarly studies of the refugee problem. Today, thanks to a continuous enrichment, the library numbers a total of about twelve thousand volumes. As a reading room it is open to the public during the morning hours (Monday to Friday, 10:00 a.m.--2:00 p.m.).

Manuscript collection. After 1930, prompted by the Centre, educated refugees drafted their autobiographies and accounts describing their particular homelands, as well as accounts related to their resettlement in Greece. These manuscripts were classified according to the province of origin of their authors.

Map collection. Geography was a basic tool in the Centre's research projects: expert collaborators drew the maps that have been filed by region.

Melpo and Octave Merlier Personal Archives.
The founders' records are valuable private files. The correspondence, the collections and the works, including those that are still unpublished, cover a large period of time, from the early 20th century to the 1970's. They reflect, not only the knowledge or the personal concerns of these two important personalities, but also the course of modern Hellenism and the history of thought, both independently and int he context of the main European intellectual currents of the twentieth century.

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