Musical Folklore Archives of the
Centre for Asia Minor Studies

The Musical Folklore Archives are a vivid and active department of the Centre for Asia Minor Studies and an important place for the systematic study of traditional music. Being the oldest section of the Centre for Asia Minor Studies, it contains valuable and unique materials.

Manuscripts. A collection comprising works from Asia Minor recorded in Byzantine notation, Phanariot pieces in verse ("mismayes"), "Anastassimataria" and liturgical texts of the 19th century.

A library containing approximately two thousand works--some of them originate from private collections [Ted Petridis (1928-1988) Archives].

Old recordings made in the 1930's. when Melpo Merlier and her assistants collected 600 folk songs from all over Greece (Samuel Baud-Bovy, Hubert Pernot etc.).

A collection of musical instruments from various regions, dating back to the early 20th century.

Commercial records produced over a period of sixty years (songs from Asia Minor, "rebetica," folk songs).

The Musical Folklore Archives is also engaged in publication projects. Until now there have been published:

1. Books essentially oriented towards ethnomusicology.

2. Records (LP's/CD's), exploiting authentic recordings of
music from Asia Minor and Greece.

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