Mary Papoutsy

Mary Papoutsy is a Classicist and former educator at the secondary and collegiate levels. Mrs. Papoutsy lectures on the Classics and Hellenic genealogy, having established the Hellenic Historical and Genealogical Association in 2000.

She and her husband, Christos Papoutsy, created the Christos and Mary Papoutsy Endowed Chair in Business Ethics at Southern New Hampshire University. They also founded and are the publishers of Hellenic Communication Service. For more information about Mrs. Papoutsy, see the About Us section of the HCS Home Page.

HCS readers are invited to read articles and material that Mrs. Papoutsy has contributed to the website:

Hellenic History and Culture

"Iconographer Ann Welch Creates Icon-Fresco for a Traditional Island Village,"
"Athens: A Study in Contrasts of Expression,"
"Greek Networking Across the Centuries,"
"Interested in Greek Memorabilia? Try E-Bay,"
"Kandylakia: Roadshrines to Lives Lost and Saved,"
"Tina's European Fashions Gives Greek Color to Newburyport,"
"Panayia of Tinos: A Presentation by Dino Siotis at St. John the Baptist Church in Boston,"


Immigrant Passenger Ships' Records Now Online: Guide to Retrieving Records from the Ellis Island Foundation Database,"


"Greek-Americans Celebrate an Influential Greek Legacy,"
"The Spirit of the Olympics,"
"Doing is Leading: Leadership Qualities Inherent in All Faithful,"


"Out of the Balkans. Book Details Lives of Early 20th Century Greek Immigrants. A book review by Mary Papoutsy,"
"When Greek Business and Opera Merge, the Result is Greek Fire. A Review of Nicholas Gage's Greek Fire, by Mary Papoutsy,"
"Love and War. "Stunning" Novel Depicts Island's Tragedy. A Book Review by Christos and Mary Papoutsy,"
"Arcadia, My Arcadia a Must-Read,"
"Smyrna 1922: The Destruction of a City. A Review by Christos and Mary Papoutsy,"
"Summer's Top Movie Pick for Greek-Americans: 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'. A Review by Christos and Mary Papoutsy,"
"Ancient City of Antioch Rediscovered in Worcester,"


"Institutionalized Support for Terrorists. An Editorial by Christos and Mary Papoutsy,

"Foreign Affairs and News

"Greece Flies to New Heights. Additional Security Measures Implemented at Venizelos Airport,""
"USA Today Calls Illegal Invasion of Cyprus a 'Feud' Between Turks and Greeks,"
"Greek-American Groups Lobby, Educate About Macedonian History,"


"World's Greatest Athlete Is Greek-American: Tom Pappas,"


"Eyewitness Account of the Asia Minor Catastrophe. George Tsoubariotis. Translated by Mary Papoutsy,"
"A Neglected National Monument.The Lighthouse of Kitries Still Scans the Sea, Offering Service, Waiting for Help,


"Why the Classics?"
"Letters of Recommendation for College-Bound Students: Tips for Parents and Students from a Former Teacher," "

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