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Athens Past & Present Historical Series by Athens News--Main Page

Alexander the Great: Sui Generis

AHI Holds Noon Forum on 1955 Turkish Pogroms & Destruction in Istanbul

American Philhellenes and the Greek War for Independence

American Reactions to Asia Minor Deportations in 1922

Andreades' "Mission" to America: Political Questions 1919--Part One

The Atmeidan or Hippodrome -- In Constantinople

Author H. Frank Meyer Awarded Medal of Honor

Battle Royal Over History Book

Bitter Laughter by Panagiotis Malamellis

Blood and Tears by Dr. George Papavizas

Book Release for The Mechanism of Catastrophe: The Turkish Pogrom of September 6-7, 1955 and the Destruction of the Greek Community of Istanbul

A Brief History of the Balteas Family from Stavropigi of Exo Mani and Messinia, to Varousi in Lakonia, by Aris Poulimenakos and Nikos Balteas

British Reactions to Asia Minor Deportations in 1922

The Byzantine Menu

Byzantium, A Hellenic Empire

Children of Paradise by Edmund Keeley

The Cradle of Western Philosophy

Clandestine Byzantine Athens

A Concerned Diplomat: 1922

Connecticut's 5th Century Church by John Gallager

Comments on the Article "Greek Civil War"

Constantine the Great Celebrated in York (UK) Exhibition 1700 Years On

The Coup at 40 - Stopping the Press--(part 1 of a three part series)

The Coup at 40-The Press Fights Back--(part 2 of a three part series)

The Coup at 40-Athens by Night November 1973 (Part 3 of a three part series)

Cretan Language Achieves Final Recognition

Cypreco to Show Documentary Film on Cypriot Lace-Making

Declaration of the Northern Epirotes from the Districts of Korytsa and Kolonia Demanding Union of Their Native Province with Greece--Pan-Epirotic Union in America, Boston, 1919 (1.92 MB PDF--37pp)

Dodecanese and Cyprus 1912-1946: An Overview

Extraordinary Film "11th Day" Tours US and Canada

English Teachers Confront Neglect

Faultlines in Greek-America: 1922

Freedom Explored at the 97th Anniversary of the Liberation of Chios--by Catherine Tsounis

Friends of Greece in the U.S. Senate Enabling Transfer to Greece of World War II American Liberty Ship

eography of Ordu (Kotyora) in 1921 Along the Southern Shore of the Black Sea

Geography of Smyrna in 1921

Globalization in Byzantine - Orthodox World

The Great Frost (or Kais) of 1850 in Lesvos

Greece and the New Balkans, edited by Van Coufoudakis et al

Greece Fights for its Lost Treasures

Greece's Donkeys Moving Into History at a Rapid Pace

The Greek Alphabet: Hellenic Invention or Phoenician Invasion?--by George C. Chryssis

The Greek and Byzantine Roots of Palermo

Greek-Austrian Symposium at the Academy of Athens: "Austrian-Greek Encounters over the Centuries"[in Greek]

Greek Fire: The Story of Maria Callas and Aristotle Onassis, by Nicholas Gage

Greek History in Context

The Greek Language Controversy

Greek Relatives of Nazi Victims Score a Win in Italy Over Reparations

The Greek War of Independence, by Peter Paroulakis

Hellenes Worldwide Urged to Share WWII Memories in Book, Film, Web Project [Feb. 2010]

Hellenic American Cultural Association of Colorado Hosts Symposium on Byzantine Culture

Hellenic Library and Historical Archive

History Through Song

Impressions from Australia

Immigration of Asia Minor Greeks to Australia

An Ionian University in Smyrna

An Invitation from Athena

Ion Dragoumis, Misguided Patriot

Last Week of Major Exhibit at London's Royal Academy of Arts: "Byzantium: 330--1453." Exhibition Ends 22 March 2009.

Leading Hellenic Heritage Association Condemns Turkey's Destruction of Historic Orthodox Monastery

Learning from the History of the Balkans and Middle East

A Local Law of Old Achyrona (Kalloni, Lesvos)

The Making of Modern Greece

Maps, Greece and History

May 29, 1453: The Fall of Constantinople

Miletus:  The Cradle of Western Philosophy

Museum for Alexander the Great

Mystical Mystras: A Castle Town's Lure

Nafplio: A Cosmopolitan Tale

November 8, 1866: Remembering the Holocaust of Arkadi

November 17 - Facts and Fiction

The Origin of Europe is Greek: the Name Derives From Ancient Greek [in French]

Otto's Abdication

OXI Day Commemoration Speech 2012--by Fotis Fotiu

Panayia of Tinos: A Presentation by Dino Siotis at St. John the Baptist Church in Boston

Past/Present 1 September 2005-2006 Hurricane Katrina

Past/Present 14-22 August 2005 The worst air-disaster in Greek history

Past/Present 5 May 2005 Jerusalem Hierarchs Refuse to Recognize Eirinaios

Past/Present 26 August 2004 Sprinter Fani Halkia Triumphs in the Women's 400-Metre Hurdles

Past/Present 5 August 2004 Athens Readies for Olympic Games

Past Present 12 February 2004 Papandreou Forges Political Alliances wtih New Democracy and Communist Politicians

Past/Present 3 July 2003 Arrest of Key 17N Terrorist

Past/Present 20 March 2003  Huge Iraq War Protest

Past/Present 13 October 2002 Yannis Tzannetakos suffers a crushing defeat in the first round of the local elections

Past/Present 3 October 2001 Largest Coastguard Swoop of Illegal Immigration in One Day

Past/Present 4 April 1999 Candlelight Protest of Yugoslavia Holy Week Bombing

Past/Present 23 June 1996 Death of Papandreou; End of Political Era in Greece

Past/Present 1 July 1989 Rise of New Democracy Party on the Heels of Socialist Scandal

Past/Present 30 March 1985 Sartzetakis Sworn in as President of the Republic

Past/Present 28 July 1975 Tribunal for Army Junta

Past/Present: 23-24 July 1975 Fall of military dictatorship; return of Karamanlis from exile.

Past/Present 8 July 1965 Political turmoil leading to army coup

Past/Present 7 June 1965 Court-marshall and disciplinary measures ordered against clandestine military pressure group

Past/Present 16 May 1963 Visit of de Gaulle to Greece; strengthening of Greek ties to European community

Past/Present 22 May 1963 Murder of  peace activist MP Lambrakis

Past/Present 31 May 1941 Greek Resistance to Nazi WW2 Occupation

Past/Present 20 May 1941 WW2 Battle of Crete

Past/Present 18 March 1936 Eleftherios Venizelos

Past/Present 11 September 1922 Following the collapse of the Asia Minor front and the mass exodus of hundreds of thousands of Greeks

Past/Present 6 March 1915 Eleftherios Venizelos Resigns

Past/Present 22 June 1824 Turkish Destruction and Massacre of Psara

Past/Present 25 March 1821 Greek National Independence Day

Perfidious Albion?

The President of Greece on the Liberation of Lesbos

Petros Tatanis: Concern for the "Patrida"

Pheidippides' Heroic Journey

Pictorial History of Greece in the 1960s

Picture Bible of Mani Presents Stunning Pictorial Chronograph of Southern Lakonia. A Review by Mary Papoutsy.

Polyzoides in 1922: You Are All to Blame

Rescuing Byzantium

The Return of an 'Old Loved One' to Greece: Last Liberty Arrives to Become a Museum

Salamis, Tarts, Paedophilia and Pornikotelos

Dr. Olga Sarantopoulos of World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE) Visits Hellenes of Hungary and Slovakia, Warm Reception by Veterans of Greek Civil War [Click here for Greek version of article-release]

Secret War: True Story of Wartime Espionage to Receive English Translation

Seferis and Greek Identity

A Sombre Twilight for Kafeneia

Streets of Nafplion Reveal Greek History

Surveillance in Greece From Anticommunist to Consumer Surveilance. Excerpts from a book by Minas Savatas.

This Week in History - The Parliament of the Lazaruses

31st Annual Byzantine Studies Conference in Georgia--27-31 October 2005

Traditional Costumes Presented

An Unforgettable Story of Survival

The Uprooting of Hellenism in Asia Minor, Part Two

U.S. Commandos in World War II Occupied Greece to be Honored by Hellenic National Defense General Staff at Greek Embassy

Vanderbilt Professor Unlocks Door to Ancient Greek Houses

Venizelos Bed Retires to Greece

Victoria Parliament of Australia Raises the Genocide of the Greeks

The Waffen-SS - The Elite Group During the Second World War

The War of Cyprus: AVVISI 1570-1572

Who Are We? Reflections on May 29, 1453

Why the Greeks Matter

William Pember Reeves: A Man of Vision

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